Research Areas

Cell biology ageing    Gene coding and chromosome damage   Research on intracellular signalling, DNA and RNA damage, telomere maintenance and mutagenesis
   Epigenetics    Research on epigenetic modifications that impact on gene transcription (link genes, behaviour and life styles)
   Proteostasis    Research on protein dynamics, proteasome function and protein aggregates
   Cell metabolism and nutrient sensing    Research on cellular basis of metabolic diseases, bioenergetics and oxidative stress
   Inflammation and intercellular communication    Research on immune system response, inflammation and intercellular communication mechanisms
   Senescense and stem cells exhaustion    Research on cell death, cell senescence and dynamics of stem cell niches

Degeneration of biological systems in ageing

   Metabolic diseases - diabetes    Research on degeneration of biological systems in metabolic diseases, including diabetes
   Sarcopenia and musculoskeletal diseases    Research on degeneration of musculoskeletal components and sarcopenia
   Frailty syndrome    Research on frailty addressing key components of frailty syndrome: physical, cognitive, environment
   Chronic respiratory disease    Research on chronic respiratory diseases and impact into health outcomes and quality of life
   Cardiovascular diseases    Research on research on heart, vessels and blood functions
Prevention, treatment and repair in ageing    Epidemiology    Research on population cohorts, demographic and life style measurements, sampling and biobanking
   Healthy life styles    Research on health outcomes and lifestyles, including interventions related with healthy nutritrion and physical activity
  Cancer    Research on target interventions in brain cancers
  Drug targets    Research on identification of innovative drug targets and drug delivery systems
  Gene therapy    Research on development of innovative formulations for gene therapy of neurodegenerative and rare diseases associated with fast ageing and cancer
  Stem cell-based regenerative medicine    Research on lifestyle interventions and dynamics of stem cell niches and stem-cell based advanced therapies