The core partners for MIA-Portugal at the Vitality Campus

CNC.IBILI - Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) and the Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences (IBILI) of UC’s Faculty of Medicine (now cooperating under the umbrella of the new institution, CNC.IBILI).


IPN - Founded in 1991 as an initiative of the University of Coimbra, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) – Association for Innovation and Development in Science and Technology –is a non-profit private institution for public benefit. “It promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the interface between the scientific and technological system and the production sector.”


Biocant Park - The first Portuguese venue entirely devoted to Biotechnology. Through an investment by the Municipality of Cantanhede and by the Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of Coimbra-CNC (both Ageing@Coimbra members), and taking advantage of the national investment in Life Sciences in previous years, it was possible to set out an integrated development strategy for promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth. The core of the park is the R&D centre – BIOCANT, Biotechnology Innovation Centre – where specialised research teams use their accumulated scientific competencies to generate novel services and products.


CHUC Hospital - the biggest Portuguese hospital with a comprehensive research, teaching and patient-centred care approach. CHUC delivers high-quality clinical care in a context of pre and postgraduate training with a strong focus on research, scientific knowledge and innovation. The hospital offers comprehensive care across all the leading medical and surgical specialties. CHUC ́s excellence centres ensure high standard healthcare services (e.g. between 1992 and 2014 CHUC performed 1,114 liver transplants). It is the medical institution with the most accredited reference centres in Portugal. CHUC represents an important part of the Coimbra Health Ecosystem.