Mission / Vision

Positioned, internationally, at the forefront of the biology of ageing, MIA-Portugal will contribute to the development, validation and delivery of interventions that improve human healthy life expectancy with a specific focus on those members of the population with the lowest healthy life expectancy.

The strategic concept of MIA-Portugal, together with the Ageing@Coimbra Vitality Campus, creates unique opportunities for developing new approaches towards preventive medicine, advanced therapies and the establishment of long-term and sustainable R&D deals with commercial companies that will support MIA-Portugal’s activity and stimulate the economy and job creation in the Central Region of Portugal.

Our mission is to:

  • Generate knowledge and talent (human capital) through advanced PhD and postdoctoral training in ageing research;

  • Generate economic growth and highly-qualified jobs – profiting from our position as the scientific core of Ageing@Coimbra Vitality Campus, with strong partnerships with European industry (e.g. EIT-Health) business partners, biomarkers, diagnostics, pharma, imaging, medical devices and business incubators;

  • Contribute to the development of preventive medicine and advanced therapeutics in ageing and age-related diseases – contributing to an extended health span for European citizens integrated into the national health and social care systems.