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MIA - Portugal Regional Ecosystem

Education and research carried out by MIA-Portugal, aligned with Ageing@Coimbra’s innovation and entreperneurship and Coimbra Vitality Campus, the face of the regional knowledge and innovation community and a flagship ecosystem of the EIP-AHA Reference Site, are the basis for forming a successful knowledge triangle. The Vitality Campus is a network of stakeholders and an urban area within the old pediatric hospital which will be rehabilitated with the direct involvement of Portugal’s central government, the regional authority, the University of Coimbra, the University of Coimbra Hospital and the Pedro Nunes Institute, among other stakeholders.

The basecamp of the Vitality Campus covers 24,000 m2 and will encompass an age-friendly urban environment that will support interdisciplinary knowledge offers for elderly people, health-preserving prevention strategies, knowledge transfer, the co-creation and co-development of technology and life-long learning, and integrated health and social care.